• Karen Rivera

The Dual Diagnosis Dilemma

Like many, this “Bob” was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder earlier in life, stopped taking his prescribed meds, and was self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, starting an addiction in his late teens. Now in his late 20’s, and after an in-patient stay at a Detox medical facility, he reached out for a longer term

Dual Diagnosis is a complex issue when mental illness meets up with the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, one that presents challenges for the recovery community to address. “Success”, in a case like this, is the replacement of the hopelessness with acceptance of and surrender to his Creator and Our Lord and Savior guided and provided by the professional help in a Christian and professionally staffed program. CHM funded and sponsored “Bob” in First Serenity where he is stabilized, learning steps and tools for his new start, and working at a job while in the program. Another opportunity for another “Bob” from supporters and CHM……….home of second chances.

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