• Karen Rivera

Another 'second chance'

After 'Bob's' first seven years of life enduring physical abuse from his parent, he entered foster care at age eight. Then he was removed from many homes due to his anger and inability to cope and was in an orphanage for over two years. He was adopted at age 17, but began using meth, narcotics, and alcohol then couch surfing until age 22 when he entered his first rehabilitation program. After relapsing, he was living in his car, later without a car on the northwest Florida beaches. After being sponsored by one of CHM’s connections, he completed and graduated from Jericho House after sixteen months where he was healing from his past and surrendering to His Creator. He now works full time in carpentry and construction, being sponsored by CHM’s donors and The SHOP proceeds, and living at Vision Warriors After Care where he is using the program and steps he was taught for sobriety, and beginning a new opportunity at life with accountability.

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