• Karen Rivera

With Multiple Conditions,Jane’s Life and Hope was Waning...

At 76 pounds, Jane, a cocaine and heroin addict with severe bi-polar diagnosis, contacted a residential recovery program for long-term help. Jane was in critical medical condit

ion from the abscesses on her arms from years of excessive drug injections. She was immediately taken to a hospital and had emergency surgery on one arm, and returned to the recovery program who helped her through the healing process while addressing her sobriety and recovery. After another attempt to get her into an inpatient mental facility, she was denied due to the other arm

that had abscessed, requiring yet another surgery and after care; her housing and care at the recovery program partner was sponsored by CHM. Jane was wanting and needing to start a new life, but felt hopeless with her multiple complex challenges. The recovery program accepted her back in on a temporary basis, and, after healing, was then accepted and taken into a long-term inpatient mental facility for treatment and monitoring of prescribed medication for stabilization where she still remains.

Jane is now safe, stabilized and focusing on both her mental health, sobriety and recovery program for her addictions, and is full of HOPE for a better future. Jane, her mom and daughter all keep in touch on her progress and improvements in her life, and very grateful to those who came to her aid.

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