• Karen Rivera

"Self-Isolating and Retreating from Society"

"Bob" drank off and on throughout his life, sometimes more than usual, but “BOB’s” life didn’t seem to suffer until later. “Bob” worked a great job with a large company for many years and took the opportunity to retire early; that’s when he retreated, isolated himself, and began drinking heavier causing his homelessness. When he called CHM from a hotel room, he admitted he felt “lost, without purpose or direction, didn’t know his self-value or worth, lost social skills, and needed help; his drinking and life were out of control”. “Bob” quickly went to a local Alcohol Group Meeting and spoke with CHM’s Staff Christian Addiction Counselor/Resource Manager, David, who connected with and sponsored him into Vision Warriors Recovery Center where he was warmly welcomed. While the beginning of his stay in this men’s recovery home was difficult due to his previous self-isolation, with counseling and care, he has adjusted and is flourishing in his new community of brothers, accountability in a program, and his growth in communication, social skills, and spiritual relationship with His Lord and Savior are changing his life. His smile and gratefulness for providing him a second chance say it all...

Another opportunity for another “Bob” from supporters and CHM……….home of second chances.

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