• Karen Rivera

Facts Stacked Against Youth"

"Bob" is a young man who became an alcoholic and drug addict with major anxiety, burned all connections and bridges with family and was homeless at a very young age. A friend of Bob's called on his behalf after knowing how another friend had benefited from a 'Second Chance' from CHM, followed by an emotional call from Bob himself where he talked with David, our Christian Addiction Counselor, about his blacking out from over use, guilt, homelessness, frustrations and feeling he had nowhere to turn.

You see, young Bob's story is all too common; drug use on the underdeveloped brain severely damages the process of synapses, without which the brain has great difficulty processing emotions and decision making. 95% of alcoholics and addicts used before the age of 18. And, teens who use drugs before the age of 15 are 7 times more likely to suffer from addiction. Add family history of genetic addiction, and it makes a deadly combination...Facts that are stacked against youth!

But this Bob is healing and working through anxiety, identifying and pushing through the obstacles that previously caused him to stumble, with faith based recovery and homeopathic therapy with specialists in Good Landing Recovery Facility, a CHM Recovery Partner.

Become a Partner to provide 'Second Chances' for other Bob and Janes.

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