• Karen Rivera

"Dig Deeper"

A young woman, looking tired, desperate and lost, let’s call her “Jane”, walked into The SHOP at CHM telling her story and searching for hope and help. She’s a young widow and mother of a child who’s on the autism spectrum being cared for by his grandparents. But it goes deeper. She suffers from depression, bi-polar disorder and drug addiction that requires more than occasional outpatient monitoring. Wanting to quit using and get healthy and stable to raise her own child, she wants to “dig deeper” and commit to a long-term residential addiction recovery program also addressing her clinical issues. She shared that she continually returned to bad relationships due to her lack of self-worth and addictions, resulting in physical and mental abuse. Her guilt was a burden she carried and was looking for the hope and forgiveness to move forward in her recovery. CHM is partnering with a program specializing in these issues, offering this “Jane” the help, healing, and love of a forgiving Savior. Another opportunity for another “Jane” from supporters and CHM……….home of second chances.

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