We believe that no meaningful change can come to a human life without the transformational work of the Holy Spirit, made possible by the finished work of Jesus Christ. Resolutions made in our human strength to try harder or do better are destined to fail in the end. 

It is our belief that all human misery roots back to unrepentance of past sins and unforgiveness towards those who have wounded us in the past. 

Cumming Home Ministries has well-trained mentors who are able to sit down and pray through these issues with our residents. This is not counseling. It is simply assisting in the process of hearing the voice of Jesus and responding to what He says in terms of identifying those areas that need to be repented of and releasing to the Righteous Judge long-held bitterness and resentment towards those who have hurt us. 

This results in true, long-lasting transformation of the inner man and the experience of real freedom! 

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