CHM Thrift Store Donations
How to Donate
Donating goods to CHM Thrift Store is easy. Simply pull through the drive through and one of our friendly staff will help you. Alternatively, there is a drop-off area just inside the front door and to the right. Items that are dropped off are tax deductable, so be sure to get a tax receipt.

What our clients say
  • The Ministry Team of CHM gave me the love, support, and job I needed to walk out of my dark past and continue to encourage me while out on my own now.
    John A.
  • CHM gave me shelter, moral support, ability to attend AA meetings and school, and connection for a job. I'm stepping out of my destructive past and bettering myself with a purpose to become who I think God wants me to be.
    G. G.
  • Lifelong Christian friends and mentors living real faith; there and willing to help when I needed to get back on my feet.
    G. G.
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